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individual sound massage

with sound forks and

Tibetan bowls

It is suitable for people under deep stress who want to resolve stagnant emotions,

because it contributes to the deep relaxation of body, mind and spirit


In the sound massage, I place the sound fork and bowl on a lightly dressed body.

From the place where I will place the sound bowl or forks, the vibrations of the sound will spread,

which you will hear and physically feel on the body. I will move the bowls around the body while playing,

helping to relax the body and calm the mind.

Come to the massage comfortably dressed, in clothes with as few buttons and zippers as possible!

Our hearing and all our senses never rest because a world without noise is almost non-existent today.

Actually constant noise tires us, it is all the more important that we sometimes consciously listen to quieter tones as well.

I can help you with gentle tones of sound bowls that take you to inner peace and contentment .

Every person creates his own personal structures during their lifetime.

Insofar as the individual is in consonance and harmony with himself and his surroundings,

he is happy and ultimately also healthy .

Many things affect us, such as upbringing, school, profession, surroundings ... and the stress associated with them.

All these everyday factors threaten our inner harmony and spoil our inner balance.

In this disharmony, however, we are more sensitive and susceptible to all disturbances.


To prevent this, I have prepared for you

therapeutic sound massage, which can become your source of daily strength.

With it I will help you achieve:

well-being, relaxation, holistic recovery of body, mind and spirit

The harmonious sounds of sound bowls will awaken pre-confidence in you and calm your soul and your entire nervous system in the most pleasant way. At the same time, effective relaxation is achieved very quickly.

Each of the trillions of cells in our body will, through the gentle vibration of sound bowls, once again realise its original design

and self-healing processes will begin to unfold positively.

During the sound massage with deep relaxation, a new positive mindset of the body is created,

similar to meditation.

Here, however, the advantage of sound massage is that even the untrained in meditation,

with the help of sound and vibration, "disconnect" faster and indulge in a relaxed state.

This phase of inner peace will allow you to release problems relatively quickly,

tension and blockage in the neck and shoulder area.

In doing so, it mitigates the impact of everyday problems in.


The body finds its way to a harmonious state faster.

The sound of sound bowls is also for children very plesant,

especially for them is a pleasant physical experience of the vibration of the bowls when are in contact with the body.

Sound and vibration release them very quickly, eliminates stage fright, fears…

In this way, I help children with various syndromes to calm down and focus more.


You will perceive the side effects of sound massage as:

reduction and elimination of pain in joints, muscles, nerves, headaches and migraines, spinal injuries
calming the heart rate and blood pressure
regulating the functioning of the digestive system
elimination of toxins from the body

acceleration of the lymphatic system
improving the immune system
improving psychosomatic states
deep mental and emotional relaxation and removal of blockages
reducing levels of stress, anger, depression and fatigue
elimination of mental and emotional pain

elimination of old traumas
improving the flow of energy in the meridians and cleansing the chakras
deep relaxation and contentment

Sound massage (80-90 minutes) - 50 eur
Package 4 + 1
for all who want to deepen into themselves


Physiotherapy Prana Shri

Street Gradnikove brigade 4

Nove Jarše

You are invited to restore your balance with an individual sound massage


social worker

My first sound bath>


Hvala za včerajšnje druženje z zvokom in vibracijo ter globokim pogovorom, kjer si me nežno usmerjala na drugačno, lažje razmišljanje. Spanje je bilo odlično, današnje počutje pa je super. Uspela sem na primeren način izraziti zadevo, ki me je stiskala, v odnosu do nadrejene. Imela sem tudi primerno odločen pogovor z njo ... Čutim ravnotežje, več ženske energije ...

Še enkrat hvala.

marketing manager

Why am I coming back to sound baths>


Počutim se super.. na energijskem valu. Vse je ok. Tako kot mora biti. Hvaaalaaa TIII!!!

To so besede, ki sem jih prepisala iz sms-ja, katerega sem poslala naslednji dan po zvočni masaži Blanki. Bila sem resnično na tleh, s partnerjem sva se razšla in razhod zame vedno pomeni obuditev starih travm in neskončno zapuščenost. Brez pomoči zvoka, bi težko preživela take čase, zato sem neizmerno hvaležna, da je Blanka vedno tukaj in me spravi v pozitivno naravnanost, ko zaidem.


My first sound bath>


Na prvo zvočno masažo sem šla preko darilnega bona. In sem neizmerno hvaležna prijateljici za to odlično darilo, res Hvala.

Terapevtka je energetsko čista in obvlada. 

Še bom šla!

head of revision

Why am I coming back to sound baths>


Blanka nezmotljivo začuti, kdaj med masažo potrebujem pogovor, kdaj pa je bolje, da le molčim in se ukvarjam s sabo. Vsaka posamična masaža je super sama zase. Poskusila sem že veliko odličnih terapij, masaž, delavnic, vsaka mi je prinesla kaj dobrega, terapevti pa so bili polni znanja in sposobnosti.

Kar Blankine masaže razlikuje od ostalih, ki sem jih izkusila, je prav Blanka – ker jih poleg z ogromno znanja dela s toliko ljubezni, pristnega veselja in navdušenja, da se njihov učinek pomnoži. Toplo in iskreno priporočam.

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