face training 1on1
+ face massage
WHAT is Juicy Face Lifting?

Unique beauty and healing treatment,
which combines training and facial massage.


With massage and strengthening of the facial muscles

are achieved better muscle shape of the face, smoothing of wrinkles and chin
and lifting up our cheeks and eyes

in completely natural way.

We make natural botox on your face.


The training contains a system of exercises

witch designs and strengthens

the facial and neck muscles

with performing lying down on massage table

 and within your capacity limits.

By activating the 57 facial muscles,

we activate the glands in the head, bloodstream the brain

and increase the oxygen circulation in them
and improve hormonal imbalances.
Abdominal breathing further improves

the reproductive system

WHAT are the benefits
face training 1na1?
We achieve maximum efficiency in the short term
and at the same time we achieve
- improved skin tone
- blood circulation of the entire face and head
- reduced facial wrinkling
- increased skin tension
- reduction of puffiness under the eyes
- remodels the chin
- fuller lips
Improved blood circulation and nutrition of muscles and increase their elasticity, mobility and flexibility.
This enables the increase of muscle tension and whole face.
Stiff muscles also prevent the collapse of the skull bone mass.
As after any strenuous exercise, relaxation
is an important part of the massage
of the face, head and décolleté that results in:
- faster lymph flow
- physical relaxation
- relaxed nervous system
-provides calm and relaxation
- relieves headaches, migraines and fatigue
- improves vision
- boosts the immune system
Juicy Face Lifting
To anyone who wants a natural and youthful look
regardless of gender and age
For anyone who wants to lift their facial muscles with training,
to be strong and tense in a natural way.
After the talk is determined
whether it will be an occasional pampering of the face
or we together decide to start
intensive training of facial muscles.
You choose the tempo you want and
the result that is suits you
Only natural oils are used during the treatment,
because with the help of natural herbs
it is easier to express our true inner beauty
of Sandra Laznik

Juicy Face Lifting strengthening and facial massage
JFL Training ©

is the licensed technique of Sandra Laznik,
yoga and intimate yoga teacher
in the privacy of private homes and in spa resorts
around the world.

She likes to point out that these technique
JFL Training ©
 is with pleasure used by well-known actresses

and super models
to maintain their healthy and radiant appearance

in a natural way

Beautiful Young Woman



60 minute treatment


training - strengthening the face and

spa facial massage

50 eur


includes 15 minutes

free advice

Package 4 + 1

for anyone looking for in-depth training


In addition to all the wonderful effects of JFL on our hormone system and our entire body, a simple demonstration of how muscles can transform our face in a very short time in a completely natural way without botox and fillers.
Amazing work of Juicy Face Lifting


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Image by Joanna Kosinska
Sandra Laznik,
učiteljica JFL

Kaj je JFL >

It's not just a spa treatment,

it's not just a beauty ritual,

it's not just physical training,

it’s not just a massage.

It is an alchemical experience of touching, feeling and nurturing and caressing that deep, primordial and deeply rooted need -

that we are touched.

Image by Joanna Kosinska

Moji prvi JFL treningi >

I don’t know how to say it, actually I basically know, the second day after the massage I feel really full of energy and some joy at the moments that just lasts, but I basically didn’t come at all because of it.

In addition to the glowing face, there is also positive energy,

if this is not the best massage in the world.


Image by Joanna Kosinska
MJZ fashion

Moj prvi JFL trening >

Thanks, Blanka, this was really top notch, it wakes up all the muscles on your face and you get nicer facial features

and a more radiant look.

I am completely changed 😃

I absolutely recommend it!

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